Pneumatic Platform Lift
Model No.:CLF-2500P
CLF-2500P especially recommended for busy tyre service shops because of its quick lifting and lowering time. All of the vehicle wheels are available for repair work, while the chassis lies firmly on the lifting body or the lifting arms. The lift simply needs to be connected to a compressed air network, there is no need for vulnerable hydraulic hoses, connections. Two air bags, no hydraulic cylinders, which allows for comfortable use at lower pressure (6-8bar) as well.

·    Low-rise pneumatic platform lift for tyre service

·    Can be placed on the floor

·    Pneumatic operation

·    Quick and safe vehicle lifting

·    All four wheels are lifted off the ground, ensuring fast servicing


CAPACITY: 2500 kg
A Max. Lifting Height:470 mm.
b Min. Platform Height off Ground:124 mm.
C Platform Length: 400 mm.
D Overall Width (include foot guard) :2250 mm.

Lifting time:15 s

E Platform Width:500mm

F Overall Length:3905 mm

Lifting Time: 15s

Lowering time:20 s
Pump supply pressure:6-10 bars
Total weight of lift: 500 kg
Noise level:>70 dB(A)/1m.
Operating temperature:-10°C/+50°C.

CLF reserves the right to change any specification without any notice.