Stacker Parking Systerm
Model No.:CLF-3FDP

Product Introduction

1.      FDP series is very popular valet parking equipment in the current. Wide range of use. FDP series can be applied to enterprises, office buildings, residential property, hotels, families and other places. Symmetrical designed column can be shared by two units to save precious space.

2.      Hydraulic and steel rope driving, low noise, smooth operation, stable and energy saving, low carbon environmental protection.

3.      Spray surface, beautiful color, environmental and lead-free, strong anti-corrosion ability and durable.

4.      Reasonable process, lean manufacturing, simple structure, compact and practical. It can be moved casually, simple installation, No welding and cutting, Low requirements for civil engineering.

5.      The series have two forms, 2-level with 3-parking and 3-level with 4-parking. Also can be customized according to the requirements. Max lifting capacity is 2500kg. FDP can be used for parking SUV and conventional cars.