Puzzle Parking System
Model No.:CLF-3PSH

Product Introduction

1.      This style parking system is fully made of steel structural components, especially suitable for parking in basement parking lot. It can also be designed for parking in outdoor open space and  installed with awning and other peripheral facility,  to increase the appearance.

2.      The top layer can lifting only, when parking a car, the top layer needs to be down to the ground. Bottom layer can horizontal sliding only. Each group must have an empty parking space for using for the top layer lifting and down.

3.      Motor and chain driving, low noise and smooth operation.

4.      Multiple safety protection devices can ensure safe and reliable operation of the whole process.

5.      Anti-dropping device , anti-breaking device.

6.      Over high and over long alarming device.

7.      Low-voltage, losing phase, over current overload protection device.

8.      Power off self locking protection device.

9.      Emergency stop device.

10.  Fully automatic PLC control make the operation simple. Equipment can use buttons, IC cards, remote control or body identification and other ways to control.