Two Poast parking lift
Model No.:CLF-T2500

Product Introduction

·   1, CLF-T2500 features delicate, fashionable and small space occupies. The columns are able to in the form of sharable parallel connection, which can save precious space. Wide range of use, It can be applied  to  enterprises, office building, residential property, hotels, families and other parking area.

·   2, No any columns and suspended facilities in front of the entrance which will more conveniently access to the vehicle. Hydraulic driven and chain balancing device can ensure the both ends balanced lifting and down. Low noise, stable running, electricity and energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection.

·   3, The fully enclosed platform can avoid oil and muddy water sliding into the lower parking.  

·   4, Spray surface, beautiful color, environmental and lead-free, strong anti-corrosion ability and durable.  

·   5, Reasonable process, lean manufacturing, simple structure, compact and practical. It can be moved casually, simple installation, No welding and cutting, Low requirements for civil engineering.  

·   6, European standards, with a number of intellectual property rights. Many times testing, quality assurance, users can use it with rest assured and enjoy happy parking.  

·   7, Optional intelligent control system, with bluetooth wireless remote control function, warm voice prompt function. 

·   8, Electric safety lock device can ensure the safe operation of equipment.  

·   9, TEN anti-dropping devices can prevent the platform abnormal falling , to ensure the safety of vehicles.

·   10, When the equipment is running, the error-entering protection device can prevent personnel from entering the equipment to avoid accident.

·   11,  Motor overload protection, power fault-phase protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, low-voltage protection, protection of losing phase, can automatically detect and make the system power off and to ensure parking safety.

     12, Emergency power off safety device can emergency stop the power In the event of a security problem. Prevent the equipment from running continuously, protect equipment and vehicle safety

     13, The upper limited safety device can avoid lifting too high and ensure the safety of vehicle.

     14, The lower limited safety device timely detect whether the platform falls to the ground, increasing the safety and reliability of the device.