Parking Lifts
Model No.:CLF-9065

Submerged parking unit for one or two parking places with upper platform (roof) ideal for installation in gardens or in indoor places.
The roof can be covered with any material to match the environment such as grass or any other desired material.
The roof platform allows the passing of other cars or the parking of another car on it, also allows the remove of the submerged car without any need to move the above placed car.
This system is ideal even if someone has already a closed parking place cause it gives the ability to free that space for any other use such as storage room, gym etc.
Residential Mechanical auto parking car lift system

CLF reserves the right to change any specification without any notice.



Driving: chain

Lifting Capacity: 6500 kg

A Scissor Lifting Height: 3225 mm

B Scissor Lowest Height: 545 mm

C Side Platform Length: 5000 mm

D Side Platform Width: 960 mm

E Middle Platform Length:1170 mm

Lifting Time: 70-80s

Lowering Time: 40-50s

Motor Power:380V/220V, 50Hz, 7.5 KW

Net Weight: 6500 kg

Suitable for: family use