Four Post Parking Lift
Model No.:CLF-10000T

This parking system is designed of two spaces of up and down as one unit.

The bottom car can go in and out directly. When the upper space needs to park a car, the car in the bottom should be driven out;

Hydraulic drive, chain balancing device to ensure the balance both ends of rise and fall’;

Low noise, smooth operation, save energy, low carbon and environmental protection;

It can be widely used in hotels, enterprises and public institutions and residential area.

Lifting Capacity:4000 kg

A Runway Length: 4177 mm
B Distance Between Runways: 950 mm

C Max. Lifting Height: 1910 mm

D Total Height: 2138 mm

E Total Length of Lift: 5233 mm

F  Width of Runway: 473 mm

G Distance Between Column:  2150 mm

Lifting Time: 55-60s

Motor Power: 220V/380V, 50Hz,  3.0 kw

Net Weight: 760 kg

Noise Level < 80dB

CLF reserves the right to change any specification without any notice.